Dog run away - What to do? Find run away dogs the widPet® tag

The widPet tag is a new type of dog tag with an individual QR-Code™. Once the dog owner has activated it, the potential finder can scan the QR-Code™ on the tag or enter the serial number on our homepage, in order to access its ermergency (contact) page. The owner can store the desired data for the dog, to help the finder to get as soon as possible in contact with him.



  • The advantages are:

  • Data privacy
    With your account, you have the possiblity to change the data, when the dog is already run away. You can disable the emergency page and enable it, when your dog is gone.
  • Flexibility
    Signing up, updating and enabling the dogs data are anywhere and anytime possible - mobile and with PC or Mac.
  • Speed
    The finder scans the tag and can contact the owner instantly.
  • Simpleness
    The widPet® tag emergency page can easily be opened. Scanning with a smartphone or via the web address.
  • Maximum Information
    We have many space for you, enter any data, that you find important for your dog.
  • Security
    The opportunity, that your dog will be home again soon, are very high with a widPet tag.
  • Emergency data, that you can publish:

  • Phone numbers
  • Home address
  • Holiday address
  • Illnesses, allergies
  • Required drugs
  • Unusual behaviour patterns the finder should now
  • Two photos




Buy a widPet® tag!


The widPet® tag
for just 39,90 €

no follow-up costs*

*use the free emergency service for two years. Then extend for free about two further years or let it phase-out!

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