1. How do I create an account for wid-pet.com?

First you navigate to our homepage en-gb.wid-pet.com. Then you click "create an account" right on the top. After you completed the first step, you will get an E-Mail with the next.

2. What is a widPet tag?

We've done a hole page about this question. Click here...

3. My pet is microchipped. Why do a need a widPet tag?

A pet with a chip needs to get transferred to a veterinary or to the police, in order the read out the chip. Then there is the problem - where is chip registered? It does not stand on the pet. In Germany there are about 20 bigger registration services. This takes time - and not every would or can do this.

4. How can I activate/enable my widPet tag?

  1. First create an account at wid-pet.com. You can do this here.
  2. After you created your account, login. Click "My profile", then "Manage tags" in the main menu. Then in the sub menu "Activate a widPet tag". Then read the instructions carefully in order to complete activation.
  3. Once activated, you can manage your tags, anytime you login, click "Manage tags" and choose the tag you want to edit. To make a tag accessible for the finder, just check "Is for everyone who has access to the widTag available.".

5. How do I make the emergency (contact) page accessible?

First you need to login, then click on "Manage tags", choose the desired widPet tag. To make a tag accessible for the finder, just check "Is for everyone who has access to the widTag available.". Click "Submit" to save your changes.

6. Do I need a smartphone to open the emergency page?

No. You can either open the widPet tag's emergency page via the serial number on the tag. Therefore go to /en-gb/tag and follow the instructions.

7. What happens after two years?

After 24 months you can extend the emergency service usage time about two additional free years. You'll receive an e-mail that will explain the procedure to you. In case you do nothing, the widPet tag will be cancelled automatically.

8. Are the widPet tags just for dogs?

No. Cats, horses and many other pets can wear a widPet tag.

9. Does the widPet tag work, in case my pet runs away in a foreign country?

The widPet tag works in every country that you have access to the internet. But the inhabitants should know english or german language.

10. Why are my uploaded photos not instantly public accessible?

Every uploaded photo will be checked upon release by the widPet®-Team. The check takes some time, but never longer than 24 hours.

11. Can I sign up an emergency page without a widPet tag?

No. That's impossible.

12. When I have further questions...?

Simply place your questions to the widPet®-Team.

Our contact data:

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Tel. +49381 - 49 20 990
E-Mail: info@wid-pet.com
Internetseite: www.wid-pet.com